Saturday, October 18, 2008

Got OBAMA sign?

listener took this photo in Maine

Somebody stole our Obama sign today. We paid $8 for it, too. What's more, somebody stole one of Daughter's Obama signs today too. Hubby (who is there helping with renovations) says she went right down to the local police station and reported it. I said, "Hey! I should do that! Where is ours?"

Hmmm...I guess we're a bit more rural than Daughter is.  What really makes me mad, though, is that under the official Obama sign was my original hand-made one, and they took that too.

So I am going to go work at the Dem office later this week and see if they have any left. (Doubtful.)  Failing that I may have to make another one.  (Hey Reed, got any left??)


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