Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oscar's Word for the Week (non-stealth mode)

This is funny. This morning when I was writing the Sabbath post, I kept checking to see if Oscar had posted his Word for the Week yet, so that I could link to it along with Pastor Dan's. It occurred to me that he might be about to post it, and his would crosspost it here just as my post was going up. Corinne and I do that all the time, and I've decided that rather than lamenting entropy, it would be more adaptive to take a liking to it. Entropy is my friend. ;-)

But no post from Oscar came, and I had to leave for church. Since then, I've checked in on the comments a number of times, but it was only just minutes ago that I discovered the words "Oscar's Word for the Week" sandwiched into my post, right after Pastor Dan's Word for the Week. For a second, I doubted my own memory, and wondered if I had actually posted those words and that link myself. *Shakes head vigorously*. No, I'm positive that I didn't. Oscar must have come by, at some point today, and quietly edited the post himself. But if I didn't notice the update, I bet some other people didn't notice it either. So I'm posting Oscar's Word for the Week--non-stealth version.

I have a sharp tongue and a wicked sense of humor - I can go from zero-to-gutter in about a half second. It is a fairly simple matter for me to skewer someone in such a manner that they don't know that I have cut them to the quick until long after I have walked away from the scene of the crime and they find their psyche hemorrhaging. I have some evil tendencies, and oftentimes when I would do right I find that what I actually end up doing is worlds apart from what I should do. Have you ever found yourself to be dead wrong?

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