Friday, December 16, 2005

Kenya vs Norway Open Thread

Some of my favorite silly Flash animations, now in one place (this post). First, we were introduced to that catchy loop animation song "Only in Kenya" that could get in your brain (well, my brain, I don't know about yours) and stay there all day.

Then, some fans of the animation decided to film their own live version

And finally, since the Kenya animation, in extolling the virtues of Kenya, dissed Norway, fans of the country of ice and snow (and, of course, fjords) struck back.

Also, Burton Earny, creator of The Llama Song, has a new animation called Three Dudes and a Puppy. It's very weird, and rather long--and claims to be only Episode 1 (when it ends, we don't know the puppy's fate). But, if that doesn't deter you, click.

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