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Milkweed Caterpillar

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Hydrangea Lace

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Clouded Landscape

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Sweet Sunset

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Yin and Yang

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Rugosa Rose

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Rose in the Rain

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Eleventh Anniversary of 8/8/8

Wow! It has already been a year since I made a painting of Daughter's house 
for the 10th Anniversary of her buying her House of Dreams.  
I was painting it this week a year ago, completed it on the 21st, and gave it to her on the 26th.

The House...

The Painting...

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St. Mary's in Charlestown, MA circa 1887

Can you tell I recently made a visit to Charlestown?
 My Great Great Grandparents were married in the original St. Mary's, a humble church that burned.  
This is the church that replaced it.  They were some of the original members of this congregation. 
 It was the first Roman Catholic church built in Boston after the Cathedral downtown.

Saturday, August 03, 2019

The Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, Massachusetts

My Great Great Grandparents lived and died in Charlestown.  
Family legend has it that Great Great Grandfather Patrick set the original bars 
in upper windows of the Bunker Hill Monument. 

I took this photo one week ago, at our Great Nephew's birthday party, 
which was held beside the Monument...a common practice of town residents.

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There goes July

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We Just Learned Baby Birds Communicate 

With Each Other From Inside Unhatched Eggs

Yellow-legged gull eggs. (Duarte Frade/iN                        ~ Yellow-legged Gull eggs by Duarte Frade/iNaturalist, CC-BY

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PhD*Son is one of the 70 who qualified to do this!

They're going to run up Vermont's highest mountain, then run down it. Should be warming through the 70's to about mid 80's, with thunderstorms arriving in the afternoon. However, the race is run 6:30am to 1:30pm, so they should be okay.  Well, except for those places in the course where to fall could mean serious injury or death.  Yeah, moms just love when their kids do things like this. Ha!

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Q: What's wrong with this picture?

      A:  Nothing.  There's something wrong with the pResident, who is clearly in the wrong country.

BBC: doctored presidential seal leads to firing

Man behind fake presidential seal is former Republican who opposes Trump

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It's Mueller Time!

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Low Clouds

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50 Years Ago Today!

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Hallo There!

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Flower Box

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Grand Fairy House

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A Good Day