Friday, December 16, 2005

Howard Dean on the 1000th day of the Iraq war

This is from the DNC web site, from December 14, but I thought I should share it here for anyone who hasn't seen it:

"Today marks another solemn milestone in the War in Iraq. For the last 1,000 days, America's brave men and women in uniform have served with great courage. We owe them and their families a great deal.

"President Bush sent us to war without a clear plan to win the peace, and now 1,000 days after the start of the war there is still no plan. Democrats will continue to hold President Bush accountable for his failed policies and his inability to be truthful with the American people. America deserves better. Our troops deserve better. Policies built on truth, on honest dealings with our soldiers, our citizens, and our allies are much more likely to succeed than policies built on the quicksand of deceiving the American people."

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