Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Drunk, Distracted or Deliberate?

Not all vigils for Cindy were uneventful—Cheryl Rohrick joins the Democracy for America community to tell her story of a driver who may have disagreed with the Tucson vigil in a very dangerous way.

Have we become such a dysfunctional society that our glorification of violence takes precedence over acts of integrity, morality, and justice?

Honoring our soldiers is not a partisan issue. It is a moral one. For all who have friends, family or loved ones serving, none can argue that our troops deserve to be honored for their sacrifices, be kept safe at all costs, and not lied to about why we are sending them into harm's way. This was the motivation behind the vigils throughout the nation last Wednesday night: several hundred gathering in Tucson alone.

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  1. Oscar is first for getting the new thread up while I was stuck in traffic.

    The brothers Dean are also first, as are all who respond to tragedy with kindness.

    People who endanger the lives of others, whether it be civilians in Iraq of members of our blog family attending peace vigils, are most certainly last.

  2. Does anyone have an idea why my posts seems to disappear? I am in Zurich at my desk following the rescue efforts on a link to the local station in New Orleans.

    I have tried to explain that and post a link now several times and it disappears every time. Does someone find that offensive or am I just posting wrong?

  3. Liz, I can reassure you that I haven't deleted any comments. I am operating on two hours of sleep, so I don't know if I'll be much good at figuring out what's wrong. But if you email me the link at renee at, I'll just post it in the main blog here.

  4. Today's NYTimes is reporting that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library has discovered "thousands of previously undisclosed documents related to the work of Judge John G. Roberts Jr."

    "...[I]n the process of combing through the records, archivists noticed code letters on some of the Roberts papers. Archivists later searched the records using this alternate code and found additional documents."

    Well I guess timing is everything...

  5. Liz, your posts may not be disappearing. If you've included a link, there may be a lag between the time you hit post and when it actually appears.

    I noticed yesterday that happened to one of my posts that included a link.

  6. Liz,

    When I first tried to post a link using HTML code that I thought would work, my link also disappeared. I have been successful with the following formula.

    <$a href="" >Link to Google<$/a$>

    Replace ( with your URL. Replace (Link to Google) with the text you want to show for the link, and remove the three dollar signs ($) that I used to keep the code from working in my example.

    The link above, once the dollar signs are removed, appears like this:

    Link to Google

  7. Thanks JC! So far, looks like it worked.