Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mount Mansfield, the day before the haze arrived...


  1. Howard is the first, even if I can't find a way to log in.

  2. So, now I'm signed in with my google account. Jebus.

  3. Heh! Made to town on the second try (talked myself out of it, yesterday). Really pretty drive: my everything's so green!! Got my laundry hung before I went, and it's nearly dry. Scotty got the spring running so fast, I'm thinking about fountains. . . . I can't wash enough clothes to use it up, seems like *something* ought to be done with it, lol! Or maybe add a 300' extension and get a holding tank for the garden. . . . (which is across the river)

  4. Hi puddle and all! ♥

    Worked yesterday, went to a Book Mending Workshop today then took care of Granddaughter*in*VT for the rest of the day. Got a call from a coworker in a pinch, so now I'm working 8+ hours tomorrow, to cover some of her hours. Friday I am working, Saturday too. I think I'm becoming a Human doing!

    Let me know if you need any salt, 'cause I've got plenty!


    JULY 28th on PBS: Paul McCartney Tribute at the White House!

  6. You are indeed a human, doing (and being).

    What was that poem you like about children that includes

    When . . . . And they will. . .

  7. Funny you should ask, puddle; I only found it again yesterday!
    Here you go:

    When children try your soul, as they will,
    When they cause you grief, as they do,
    When they rouse your anger and provoke you to wrath, as is their way,
    When they reduce you to tears and prayers, as often happens,
    Love them.
    Don't bother about anything at all
    until you have first made clear to yourself
    that your love for the child in question is holding firmly,
    swelling warmly in your heart.
    Then, whatever you do will be as nearly right as it is possible
    for human judgment to be right

    ~ Angelo Patri

  8. Hi guys,

    Didn't hear about the Canada fires anywhere else. Have to come here to keep up with what's happening in the big world. 8)

    Renee, you were absolutely right about the camera.

    Puddle, glad you're back. I recently needed to download service pack 3 again as well. And at that, Word and Binder still aren't working correctly. If I could go back to pad and pencil, I would! Well, maybe not really, but the thought is *very* tempting.

    BTW thanks for posting Helen's remarks. I always enjoy them.

    Bill, I'm glad all went well at the con.

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