Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Sunday!


  1. Howard's No. 1 hereabouts, but artist daughters who land jobs straightaway upon graduation are right up there too! We had a nice visit with Naomi today; beautiful weather in San Francisco! We did some shopping, saw part of the Academy of Art University Spring Show, and had dinner in SF Chinatown. I knew AAU has sites all over SF, but didn't know how many students it has. I asked Naomi and she didn't know either--but knew the Illustration department [her major] counts about 2,000 students. That's pretty impressive just by itself. She is starting to set up a web site:


  2. Saw an "I Love Vermont" bumper sticker in Berkeley yesterday...

  3. My visiting crew has been doing all kinds of things, lol! Chopping and planting and moving rocks, and walking rivers, and getting the spring run *really* running fast. And talking. Been enjoying the company. Tonight the kid's reformatting his dad's old computer, then I'll have something to move the stuff from here to.

  4. Alan, the kid is *very* talented. And her new employers very smart. I hope they keep being smart. Gorgeous website.

  5. Alan...Aw, that's nice. I haven't seen any "I Love California" bumper stickers here. :-D

    puddle...So nice that you birthed your own work crew! Have fun making memories and getting your house in order into the bargain!

  6. I have such a rough week and more ahead.

    T: regular work hours
    W: travel to a Book Mending workshop, then come home and tend Granddaughter
    Th: going in to work an hour early
    F: working four hours (I usually have Fri off)
    Sat: regular work hours
    Sun: Drive to NH
    Mon: co lead a regional Contemplatives Gathering
    T: regular work hours
    (plus we just learned that Son & DIL in Maine and the 2 Granddaughters are coming to VT next weekend!)

    I took a look at the coming month and I have a grand total of
    THREE truly free, unscheduled days! Arrrggghhhh!!

  7. I don't know why but presently Memorial Day's title isn't clicking to a new thread.
    Can you help, Renee or puddle?

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