Saturday, June 05, 2010

It's Saturday. How's your garden?


  1. Howie's got first all wrapped up!!

    Drab day and warm. Lots to do. Best get to it, lol! See ya'll later. . . .

  2. Wow, what a pretty pic, listener!

    If this is for real, it is, as Subway would say, huge. The Mail can be just a tad sensationalistic, so I'm doubtful. The item's worth a read though.

  3. Things that make you go: WHAT!?!

  4. Most of New England is under a Tornado Watch.
    Some of the storm cells have had "up to hen egg size hail possible"!

    Vermont, it's the new midwest.

  5. Apparently, the story is legit, though most people seem to think that the scientific results found are due not to the activities of space bugs but rather to abiotic processes. As one person on the discussion thread I was reading pointed out though, at some point the distinction between abiotic chemical processes and biological processes breaks down.

  6. I made it!

    I worked 1.5 times my usual hours, and lived to tell about it.

    Son & his Fiancee made it safely to Ireland.

    Eldest son had a nice birthday yesterday, and got to go sailing with his Dad last evening.

    All good. Headed out shortly to the store.

    Finally! A day off!

  7. Thanks, Cat. I took that photo on a walk recently.
    It is totally unretouched.

  8. There's more about it here, Catreona.

    Scroll wayyy down.

  9. Ahm heer ahl bah mahselph.

  10. Hi, listener. Just dragging myself around. My sister and BIL left this morning and I slept all afternoon. Did a little bit of sewing after I woke up, ate dinner and now I'm just figuring out what I'm gonna next do.

  11. BTW, my son told me there's a whole shop donated to disc golf here in town. He said it's pretty expensive and there are "driver" frisbees and "putter" frisbees and everything.

    For myself I've always agreed with whoever said that golf is an excellent way to spoil a beautiful walk.

    One of the disc golf chain baskets is right by the scummiest, nastiest looking pond I've seen in a while. I'm quite sure I'd float a nice expensive disc right out in the middle of it.

  12. Bill Thomasson6/05/2010 11:49:00 PM

    Another of those days when it's possible to see that things got done, and yet they seemed to take longer than they should have. I finally got around to installing the fax modem in my new computer, only to discover it doesn't work. Maybe it got damaged during the weeks it was sitting around my desk, maybe it's not seated quite properly, maybe (perhaps most likely) it needs software that I can't identify. Anyway, it seemed easiest to just order a new modem. They're cheap enough -- under $16 with shipping and sales tax -- and this one is guaranteed plug-and-play with Windows 7.

    Also ordered new printer ink sticks; some problems with PayPal, but eventually got it done using a credit card at the site. And I bought the book some of us will be discussing next month (The Unincorporated Man by Dani and Eytan Kollin -- the blurb comparies it in the same breath to Atlas Shrugged and Stranger in a Strange Land). Now I'll get the bills paid and maybe fold some brochures for the Disability Pride Parade.

    Tomorrow I'm supposed to spend a couple of hours at A Day in Our Village working the OFA booth. Nice to feel needed, but it's hard to see the point of working Oak Park. I checked the vote in my precinct in the 2004 general election: 80+% turnout with Kerry winning 3:1. I think Obama got 84% of the vote. And you have to figure that anyone who would vote for Keyes is the sort of Republican there's no point in talking to.

  13. I hear you, Bill.
    You are someone I admire because of your sticktoitiveness.
    A lot gets done bit by bit. Hang in there.
    That seems a wise choice about the fax modem.
    Always good to hear what people are reading!

  14. I'm with you, Susan...
    I too believe golf is a good walk spoiled.
    And I say keep it simple; let a frisbee be a frisbee!