Monday, May 31, 2010

Whom are you Remembering? And how?

This photo borrowed from Wikipedia

I'm remembering my uncles. I want to read some of their old letters.


  1. Howard's first here of course; wonder where everyone else is...

    A few news notes:

    How Democrats Are Saving the Party From Itself


    Now they've gone and done it...

    Turkey Promises to Send Supplies to Gaza With Naval Escort

    Echoes of British Navy attack on the Exodus:

    Turkish navy:

    Israeli navy:

    The U.N. Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting later Monday to hear a briefing on the incident, said Lebanon's Deputy Ambassador Caroline Ziade, whose country holds the council presidency. The Arab League called for a meeting to discuss the issue Tuesday in Cairo.

  2. Hi Alan and everyone,

    Great weekend pics, listener.

    What I want to know is, why is it that whenever Israel does something that draws loud condemnation from the rest of the world community, the U.S. is deafening in its silence?

    I don't care that it's a holiday weekend. Both the White House and the State Department should have issued statements today unequivocally condemning the action of Israeli commandos in boarding the Free Gaza vessels in international waters and using deadly force. The Israeli ambassador to the U.S. can say anything he wants to say, and the IDF videos can show anything they want them to show. I for one believe the Free Gaza member who was interviewed this evening on the News Hour. His account jibes with previous, known actions - not words, actions - of Israel. I thought Gwen was hostile to him and disbelieving. That's the sort of bullshit I expect from Fox News, not from the News Hour.

    And, ya know, I was feeling pretty good. Had a lovely, quiet afternoon at the park with Patty and Sara. Spent yesterday afternoon and evening reading The Fabric of the Cosmos a book by Brian Greene on Quantum Mechanics and Superstring Theory. I'm not enjoying it as much as the other book of his I read recently, The Elegant Universe, but it is interesting and engaging. Was having a nice, relaxing holiday. Then this attack of the Israelis on the Free Gaza flotilla got me all worked up again. I tell you, it's better not to listen to the news, much better for the blood pressure.

  3. Daughter wanted to borrow my camera for the last day of school, but didn't want me to insist on seeing the pictures. I said no. She really does need to learn the difference between her mother and a doormat.

  4. I spent the day in a gray haze.


    Canada is on fire. Quebec province has over 50 wildfires and about 9 of them are out of control. Due to the wind direction today, much of New England had smoke haze. It kept me out of the gardens today. It made me consider skipping the parade, even though it was to go past the end of my road; then I went anyway, but it was such a short parade (10-12 minutes) that people were coming back before I got there. Small town.

    So I stayed in with windows closed and cleaned house. Blah. Hubby was out on the Lake in a sailing race. Insanity. But this evening we had dinner with our son and his fiancee at their new apartment, and that was very nice.

    Alan! I see I missed the news today! Yikes!!

    I'm working the next 5 days straight. Hope the smoke stays away.

    Off to post some photos for the week. Renee, if you ever want the keys back, don't hesitate.

  5. I would if I had anything to offer, but I just don't. Appreciate the effort you've been putting in.