Friday, June 04, 2010

35 years ago today I became a Mom

This is actually a photo of me with my newest Grandbaby last Summer, but suffice to say the photos from my first motherhood moments are not on computer! LOL!


  1. Howard's first ~~ and that is one sweet picture, listener!!

  2. Thanks, puddle. :-)

    My baby boy was here for dinner last night. I gave him big hug and told him I'm so happy he was born. It doesn't matter how old you get, you never get tired of hearing that, especially from your Mom.

  3. I have a mothers' day card around here somewhere from number 1 son that goes something like this:

    Mother: kind, thoughtful, smart, loving
    Son: generous, thinking, bright, kind

    Coincidence? I think not.

  4. Monica would be happy: I'm downloading Opera. After the past few days of *having* to use IE while I worked out the problems with the firefox downloads, I think I need TWO reliable, small, safe browsers. That elephant Gates made I'd love see just sitting there collecting dust till it or I die.

  5. G O R G E O U S day taking place here. Sunny, seventy, small wind. Yesterday was flutterby day with many many spicebush swallowtails. About to put a turkey in the oven. Life is good.

  6. Life is in the oven. Turkey is good.

  7. Hi gang. Just running thru on my way to bed. Have had a nice visit with my sister and BIL this week, but very, very tired.

    We did a 5K walk on Memorial Day. Beautiful park that I didn't even know was there.

    Also learned there is a real live game called "Frisbee Golf". The rec center I belong to has an 18-hole course set up for it. I'd never heard of it before.

    You're never too old to learn new things. :)

  8. I think I remember a fuss in Burlington about disc golf a few years ago. The golfers wanted some public land? listener?

  9. I've never heard of it! LOL! I don't believe there's one in Burlington, based on this listing:

    What I recall is the big excitement about playing Middlebury, VT a few years ago.

  10. Tonight Daughter and Son & DIL*in*ME hosted a house party for Libby Mitchell who is running for Gov of Maine. Wicksy proud Mom here!

  11. Here you go, lol!

    Going in Circles

    Fair Game
    By Shay Totten [04.22.09]
    TAGS: activism, fair game, gay marriage, politics, Vermont Yankee

    The debate over same-sex marriage may have been emotional, but it’s got nothing on the ongoing disc-golf fracas in Burlington.

    Yes, you read it right — disc golf. Not gay disc golf, but disc golf, which entails tossing specially designed Frisbees into a chain basket.

    The issue surfaced during the Burlington mayoral campaign — specifically, in the Seven Days-sponsored candidate debate — but is an issue that had been simmering for months. Only Independent Dan Smith supported the concept, which may have cost him votes in the New North End. Literally.

    The disc-golf debate began last year when the B’Town Disc Golf Club approached the Parks & Recreation Department about finding an appropriate home for a public disc-golf course. The nearest course to Burlington is in Waterbury.

    After several public meetings, the commission approved the concept. That turned into some underbrush clearing at Leddy Park to make way for some demonstration holes. Something about the sound of chainsaws awakened neighbors to the fact that their precious park was about to be turned into a hedonistic outpost for throngs of disc-throwing enthusiasts. Once-quiet nature paths would be imperiled by “flying dinner plates.”

    In response to the public outcry, Parks & Rec Director Wayne Gross called a halt to the brush clearing. More recently, he told “Fair Game” that he failed to predict the concerns people would have about the plans for Leddy Park. “I take full responsibility for it, but I can say I think the opposition to this snuck up on people,” said Gross.

    About 50 opponents packed a late March hearing — the final meeting of a working group created by the parks commission to investigate whether disc golf would be feasible at Leddy Park, or anywhere in Burlington. At the meeting, the working group was deadlocked — 3 to 3 — on whether disc golf at Leddy Park would work. A seventh member, who supports disc golf, was out of town.

    Opponents believe the city needs to do more homework before moving ahead with disc golf anywhere in the city.

    Mark Barlow, who grew up next to Leddy Park and still lives nearby, offered, “If it’s an activity we want to support as a city, then we need to find a location for it that doesn’t displace ongoing recreation.”

    Barlow and others claim the city has been rushing the process, raising suspicions that the course’s installation is a fait accompli.

  12. B’Town Disc Golf member Adam Quinn says the process has taken almost a year, and there’s been plenty of time for public input. Despite the opposition, he’s hopeful the group can allay concerns and have a course ready for this summer.

    “Leddy Park is a great multi-use park with a lot of great recreational activities, with plenty of room for additional activity like disc golf,” said Quinn. Cities around the country have disc-golf courses in similar types of parks.

    The next battle is Tuesday at the Gosse Court Armory. That’s when the disc-golf working group presents its findings to the Burlington Parks & Recreation Commission. A public hearing will follow. The full commission could rule on the proposal sometime in May.

    Parks Commissioner Carolyn Hanson said the tenor of the opposition reminds her of initial public reaction to the concept of dog parks.

    “At the time it was a huge controversy, and people made all sorts of false claims about the potential impact,” said Hanson, who remains neutral on disc golf. “And now, I think you can say it’s been one of the more successful things the parks department has done.”

    Just beware, Burlington. Disc golf is said to encourage same-sex pairings, and even, gulp, multiple partners. What’s next? Man-dog teams? Cousins paired with cousins? Grandmothers and grandsons playing together?


  13. As puddle said, sweet picture.

    Myself, I'm struggling to believe that whole "this too shall pass" thing, and to believe that one day I'll have warm feelings about motherhood again. But it's been a rough year.