Friday, October 06, 2006

Hastert "listens to and remembers everything"

Via Crooks and Liars. Dennis Hastert's opponent, John Leasch just did an interview on Hardball. The following excerpt is from Firedoglake:

MATTHEWS: Do you believe that Denny Hastert is a man of character?

LAESCH: I think that this issue has defined the clearest difference between myself and Mr. Hastert, that being I stand for honesty and integrity..

MATTHEWS: And he doesn't?

LAESCH: … and I'll let the voters decide where he stands.

MATTHEWS: But you‘re not challenging his character here or word? Is that right? You don‘t challenge his word here? You think he might be telling the truth?

LAESCH: I will challenge his word. I‘ll get out there and say so. On page 186 of Dennis Hastert's book, he says that he listens to everything, and, you know, he knows everything that is going on. Use his words. Apparently he forgot, but on page 186 of his book, he says he listens to everything and he remembers everything.
Nicely done. I've added John Leasch to our Act Blue page.

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