Saturday, October 07, 2006

A day in the life (Thankful on the road)

A day in the life...

...on the road with Thankful
(puddle said she hoped I'd post about the GRANDE adventure in WV:

Thursday - left NYC with trepidation... first stop this road trip is to drop off the little red fox of a dog in MD where he'll reside til I get settled (will that *ever* come to pass?). The gentleman taking him clearly loves him but I leave with real live tears in my eyes as I walk to the car. Good thing I have had the luck to happen on a day that Rich is available at short notice for dinner and have a pleasant evening ahead.

It started to rain as I left Rich's but we figured the front was moving east and all would be well in WV. I said as long as I didn't encounter fog it was no problem. Bite my tongue! Stopped at the gas station and then the grocery store for a couple basic supplies (apples, cheese, oj) and headed out - encountering fog wisps within 20- minutes.

The fog came and went, got a little heavier as I approached Mt. Shenendoah, and was pea soup at the top of the mountain. Ugh. Drive on. I love the last few miles towards the Magical Fairydiddle House, curves around and around and just one last left turn... into a freaking cable crossing the road down to the house! #$%^&* Oh well, hike on down, turn on the power and go to fire up the computer. Oops, phone cable is down, should have checked for a dialtone first. Withdrawal pains from the internet notwithstanding, I decide it would be best to sleep up the road in the car so when someone comes in the morning they don't have to come find me.

Friday - No one comes in the morning, lol. Feeling right at home and having made acquaintance with a neighbor, I drove over and asked to borrow a handcart with which to move the furniture (not a super long distance from the car to the house, but far enough to not want to have to carry everything.) Mind you, this was a beautiful day in the mountains, and the move was downhill, and I had wheels - enjoyed it all thoroughly. Took my sweet time moving everything, rearranged the car - it wouldn't start. This was the first downer. The fog was a hassle, the car not starting in the middle of god's country w/ no cell reception... bummer.

So... I hiked back to Beth's and her hubby grabbed his coat and took me back to jump the battery - his cables weren't quite long enough to reach but we hooked them to mine and got the Thankfulmobile humming in no time.

Yes, it rained on me all morning and afternoon, but it rained harder when I was done. Loved (almost) every minute of it!


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