Monday, January 30, 2006


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What does it mean to be a Democrat? Are there common beliefs that hold us together? Is it a common enemy that binds us to one another? Is it a unity of purpose that keeps us under this common label we call the Democratic Party? What does it mean to be a Democrat?

It means jack shit.

If something as fundamental as opposing a nominee whose record shows that he is openly hostile to any and everything that the Democratic Party supposedly stands for is not enough to keep so-called Democrats in line to ensure that he doesn't receive a lifetime - LIFETIME - appointment to the highest court in the land then the Democratic Party doesn't stand for jack shit. Nothing. If the Party actually stood for something then such a move would be cause for immediate rejection from the Party. Frankly, I don't know what my problem was thinking that these panty-weight punks would actually put up a fight - they only know how to stab their own in the back. Therefore, I only see two plausible options (the mere mention of the third option - the "Patriotic Option" - would earn me a one-way trip to Gitmo):

Option 1 - Give the fuck up
Hate to go all nihilist and shit but fuck it - why bother? Can't deal with the Republicans and the Democrats have all the balls of an Ethiopian eunuch. Why not just throw up the hands and say, "Fuck it!"

Option 2 - Go to war
Tempting, though Option 1 may be, I'm not a quitter - I fight - so it's time to open a keg of whoopass on some punk ass Senators. Here's the to-do list:
Each and every last one of these Senators must be defeated in their primary, and if we fail to oust them in the primary then we need to make it our mission to defeat them in their general election. Is this cutting off our nose to spite our face? Please! Won't that just serve to give us a filibuster-proof Senate? Guess what? We already got that! Fuck 'em - they've got to go. As a practical matter it is probably too late in the game to raise the kind of money needed to recruit and fund 10 challengers (vs. Kohl, Carper, Conrad, Nelson & Nelson, Lieberman, Bingaman, Byrd, Cantwell, & Akaka, all of whom are up for reelection this year) - we'd need to raise $200 million in less than 10 weeks - but we can target one of these traitors for privatization, and that one example ought to be Jomentum Lieberman.

Fat Joe already has a primary challenger, Ned Lamont, so all we need to do is to get Ned Lamont $20 million over the next month or two. Even the paid consultants acknowledge that the blogosphere is pretty good at raising butt-loads of cash and providing excitement for a campaign, so we need to get the entire blogosphere behind Ned Lamont to demonstrate to the Senate that we can and we will punish those who sell us out. After Joe's sent home we have to get ready to privatize Rockefeller, Baucus, Johnson, Landreau, and Prior in 2008. Some of these Senators have been friends in the past, useful in the struggle against the GOP agenda, and well-received in these quarters.

Fuck em.

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