Monday, November 14, 2005

Moral values bumper stickers

Driving home the other day, I found myself behind a car with several "religious right" themed bumper stickers. One of them read "Marriage is 1 man and 1 woman--so says GOD". Um, then don't have same sex marriage in *your* church. What does that have to do with our secular laws?

The same car *also* had "I vote pro-life" bumper stickers, one in English and one in Spanish. That really bugged me, because there is no opportunity I can think of where people are able to vote just on that one issue. What it really means, is I vote for candidates who make their opposition to abortion a major part of their platforms. Those same candidates often stand for any number of things that are decidedly NOT pro-life.

Anyway, that ticked me off enough, and stuck in my head long enough, that I was motivated to make this:

In keeping with Howard Dean's message that the Democratic party's values are America's values (expressed again yesterday in his appearance on Meet the Press) what other bumper stickers have you seen? What slogans do you think would be effective?

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