Saturday, August 10, 2019

Rose in the Rain


  1. Breaking News:
    Jeffrey Epstein 'found dead in cell'

    Typhoon Lekima: 18 dead and a million evacuated in China

    1. I will always wonder if it was "assisted suicide". He had a great number of highly placed men among his friends/clients/supporters. Many have already mentioned Dershowitz, Clinton, trump and Prince Andrew. I would imagine there is enough fire power to see that his mouth was permanently shut.

    2. You can't help thinking they're weaving a more and more tangled web.

      With a little luck the movie will come out before we die.

  2. The US-China trade war is creating winners out of Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and Canada

    Nothing significant on the Tribune unless you are interested in the details of Blagojevich's trials and conviction or Mayor Lightfoot telling Ivanka Trump that "you don't govern by tweet."

  3. Replies
    1. Well, fellow eukaryotes, that "tentacled microbe" story was quite interesting! I really appreciated that the researchers "named the microbe Prometheoarchaeum syntrophicum, after the Greek god Prometheus, who created humans out of mud." Literate people rock!