Sunday, August 11, 2019

Rugosa Rose


  1. Cooter just left. I am exhaustified, as is Beau.

    1. 🌺 Welcome back! 🌺
      Did Cooter do a lot of helpful things as usual? And did Beau shadow him everywhere?

  2. Norway mosque shooting probed as terror act

    "the man appeared to hold "far-right" and "anti-immigrant" views"

  3. Canada cable car cord severed in likely act of sabotage, police say
    North of Vancouver. This is disturbing. What is going on in the world? Is it part of Global Warming, since "hot weather makes you stupid"? Apparently it also increases an aggression tendency. We need to elect leaders who have compassion and wisdom and who care about mitigating climate change!!!

  4. Attorney general 'appalled' over Epstein's death, announces investigation

    DT has promoted a conspiracy theory linking the Clinton family to the death of Epstein

    Methinks he doth protest too much.

  5. I can't post many links together the way Alan does, for Blogger delights in deleting my in-progress messages. I could put them together in Word, then cut and paste them here, but that would add steps I don't have time for. So I'll post piecemeal as I am able.

    Going forward, I hope to manage to post at least 2 links each day, to do my part. Of course, Alan usually posts about the topics that interest me before I can make it here to do so. I'm fine with that. Might have to branch out my interests a bit. LOL!

  6. via Phil in Iowa...

    Read this again before you pick up a newspaper today.

    "Terrible things are happening outside. At any time of night and day, poor helpless people are being dragged out of their homes. They're allowed to take only a knapsack and a little cash with them, and even then, they're robbed of these possessions on the way. Families are torn apart; men, women and children are separated. Children come home from school to find that their parents have disappeared."

    ~ From The Diary of Anne Frank, 1/13/1943

    It seems history is repeating itself. It's happening again because the outdated Electoral College chose a racist white nationalist and the sell-out self-seeker in charge of the Senate won't act. We can work to bring a tsunami at the polls. But what do we do until then? Are we on the verge of massive protests? Are people too afraid of the white nationalists to protest en masse? Have we learned nothing from the horrors of history? What is the plan?

  7. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said that "poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids" during a campaign speech to Hispanic and Asian voters in Iowa.

    This reminds me that I miss the old Murphy Brown show!!

  8. Lol! Found out what all the barking was about on Monday. Beau kept it up for about a half hour. I fully expected a delivery when I got up. Nada. Filed it under things I'll never know.

    Cooter came in and asked when they'd changed my electric meter from the clocky version to digital? The new one has only 19 MW on it. So now I have a drive by meter! Last actual read was April. The rest, quessed on last year's weather.

  9. Penny and I went out to dinner at Hemingway's Bistro for my birthday celebration. (Hemingway grew up in Oak Park.) Penny had a seafood strudel, I started with smoked salmon accompanied by capers and a slightly sweet warm cream cheeses-nut concoction. That was followed by a very good rabbit stew accompanied by a puff pastry that made it technically rabbit vol au vent. Dessert, complimentary because of my birthday, was a blueberry bread pudding with pecans. All very nice indeed.

    Until next year!