Saturday, November 26, 2016

White House Christmas Tree

The White House Christmas tree was delivered yesterday. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


FLOTUS welcomes the White House Christmas tree

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  1. Fidel Castro has passed away. [Click]
    Green Party Recount Update: Lawyers, Activists, Organizers Get Going in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania [Click] Quite a bit of good detail.
    This letter to the editor is from the former head of La Migra in this area.—Alan

    The Nov. 20 editorial “On topic of immigration, Trump offers fear itself” gives the impression that illegal alien youth who applied for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are in great danger and may have made a mistake when they applied for this benefit.

    Those who applied for DACA now have a real Social Security number they can use for life. They are currently in temporary legal status. Once he takes office, President Donald Trump can end DACA for new applicants, but those who paid the $465 fee are legal until their two-year permit expires.

    Terminating this status early would require United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to notify each applicant, return receipt requested, and get a signature showing the DACA recipient had been notified of such termination. If the DACA applicant refuses to sign the return receipt, he or she keeps legal status.

    When the permit does expire, Immigration and Customs Enforcement could go to the listed address. I am a former immigration enforcement officer and have experience going to the last listed address. Most of the time, the illegal alien moves and doesn’t leave a forwarding address. I’m sure ICE will have more important things to do. Those who applied for DACA have little to fear because of their decision.


  2. Sophia, the young water defender who's arm was mutilated by a percussion grenade has not, has has been reported, had the arm amputated. On Friday she underwent a multi-hour operation during which surgeons removed muscle from her back, which they used to try to patch the hole in her arm. Yet to come are further operations to remove tendons etc. from other parts of her body to graft onto the arm. I gather they are trying everything they can to save the arm. Keep her in your prayers.

    1. Merciful heavens--that can only be described as heroic surgery. And the person who threw the grenade is clearly guilty of mayhem; I don't recall Bull Connor's forces doing anything that bad in Birmingham, although my recollections may have become rose-colored with the passage of time. The Army had to use anti-tank weapons to suppress fire from buildings in Detroit, but that was a very different matter. I remain of the opinion that Mr. Obama's failure to intervene or even to speak on the matter appears very simply craven.


  3. If anyone else would like to send condolences for the passing of Fidel Castro, here is the e-mail address of the Cuban embassy in Washington:


  4. URGENT HELP NEEDED: Vanessa Dundon’s retina was severed in her right eye after law enforcement shot a tear gas canister at her face

    A witness claims that an officer pointed Dundon out before another officer fired the canister

    Dundon has been at Standing Rock since September 11 and has had no arrests or injuries up to this point

    Dundon is a first responder for the frontline

    Medical fund for Vanessa (Sioux Z) - Click

    Full story here.
    Standing Rock woman Vanessa Dundon’s retina severed after law enforcement shot her in the face with a tear gas canister - Click

    1. Wilansky was not the only person that received a life-changing injury Sunday night. Vanessa Dundon was on the Blackwater Bridge that night as well, where she was shot in the eye with a tear gas canister, then shot in the back with a rubber bullet as she tried to run away.

      Great big strong men felt so threatened by this one woman t hat they had t o shoot her in the back.You know, from the beginning, this sheriff's department has really covered itself with glory. *heavy irony*

  5. It's past time for intervention from the President. Where do we call?