Thursday, November 24, 2016

How you can help Standing Rock

A. HELP WATER PROTECTORS WINTERIZE [Click] Send funds or send wool blankets, visa gift cards, non-cotton thermal underwear, indoor propane heaters, sub-zero sleeping bags, extreme weather overalls and gloves, extreme weather coats, feminine hygiene products, incontinence pads, horse supplies, nuts, dried fruit to Kevin C/O Lindsey Norton, PO Box 1281 Cannonball, ND, 58528.

B. FOLLOW Kevin Gilbertt FOR COVERAGE [Click] Local coverage via Facebook Live from a water protector on the front lines.

C. HELP COVER SOPHIA’S MEDICAL COSTS [Click] Sophia Wilansky was giving out bottles of water to protectors holding down the space when she was shot with a concussion grenade.

D. HELP PRODUCE DOCUMENTARY FILM [Click] The women of Standing Rock are the backbone of the stand and with your support, their voices will be heard in film ‘End Of The Line’.

E. VOLUNTEER WITH ON-SITE MEDICS [Click] Need qualified medics, EMTs, nurses, physicians, herbalists, midwives, massage therapists through the winter – and individuals who can help in supportive and logistical roles to process, sort and distribute supply donations!

F. DONATE MEDICAL SUPPLIES [Click] Donated items can be mailed to Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council, PO Box 1251, Bismarck, ND, 58502 or if shipping via UPS or FedEx, use 220 E Rosser Ave #1251, Bismarck ND 58502 with shipping phone 701-409-0199.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On Obama's "No Brainer" DAPL Choice - Click (FB only video)

Largest bank in Norway pulls its assets in Dakota Access pipeline - Click

Pipeline Protesters Say Police Nearly Blew Off Woman's Arm - Click

424-353-2016 Text NBC with your opinion
701-333-2006 National Guard Public Affairs
701-328-2200 ND Governor
701-328-4726 ND Attorney General
701-667-3330 Local Sheriff Office
202-456-1111 White House
202-456-9431 White House Situation Room
202-353-1555 DOJ comment line (no illegal sale of farms)


  1. Peaceful water protectors are first.

  2. I kicked in for the young woman who was mangled by the concussion grenade. Checking on the Green Party recount funding page, I see they are at 3.9 megabucks--in less than a day. Below are the estimated costs. --Alan

    Here are the filing fees and deadlines for each state:
    Wisconsin: $1.1 million by Nov 25
    Pennsylvania: $0.5 million by Nov 28
    Michigan: $0.6 million by Nov 30
    Those are filing fees alone. The costs associated with recounts are a function of state law. Attorney's fees are likely to be another $2-3 million, then there are the costs of the statewide recount observers in all three states. The total cost is likely to be $6-7 million.

    1. I suppose the Democratic Party and HRC are so horrified by the thought that they might be called sore losers that they will not even openly discuss recounts. As the Green Party fundraising site says, the recounts are not to get HRC elected, but to protect election integrity. But if the two are coincident, the Green Party would certainly be punching above its weight. The response would be most interesting... Cynic that I am, I should anticipate gross ingratitude from the establishment Dems in that case.


    2. I suspect you're right, Alan. They don't want to be called sore losers. There's also the possibility that they did some vote tampering of their own which they would rather not have revealed.

      Oh, and the ND Sheriff's department is lying and saying they didn't use grenades. They might be parsing their words because *somebody* in the militarized police certainly did and the surgeons have the shrapnel.

      I have called and called every number that has been posted and to date all I get is either a busy signal or a message "the mailbox is full". I wonder if ANYBODY is getting through or if the "authorities" are just leaving their phones off the hook.

      I am so ashamed of and disgusted with Obama I can hardly breathe. I keep seeing memes on FB "America is an oil company with an army" and that seems to be accurate. He's got time to pardon a turkey, but not a word about unarmed people being brutalized by militarized police. Bernie is the ONLY one speaking up for them.

  3. Newly discovered HG Wells story to be published in The Strand [Click] I hadn’t imagined that The Strand might still be in business!


  4. From Wikipedia--Alan

    The Strand Magazine was a monthly magazine founded by George Newnes, composed of short fiction and general interest articles. It was published in the United Kingdom from January 1891[1] to March 1950, running to 711 issues,[2] though the first issue was on sale well before Christmas 1890. Its immediate popularity is evidenced by an initial sale of nearly 300,000. Sales increased in the early months, before settling down to a circulation of almost 500,000 copies a month which lasted well into the 1930s. It was edited by Herbert Greenhough Smith from 1891 to 1930. The magazine's original offices were in Burleigh Street off The Strand, London. It was revived in 1998 as a quarterly magazine.

    1. Who knew? Thanks for doing he research.

  5. A bit traumatized. I was watching Kevin Gilbertt's live stream of a peaceful protest and prayer gathering in a town whose name I simply cannot remember - starting with M. One man shouted at them to get off the sidewalk, but for the most part it all went well... Till they started to disperse back to their cars. *Then* the armed police moved in and started to hassle them =- pushed an old lady, hassled everyone. Kevin made it safely into a car and by the time he cut the stream there had been no arrests, but it was frightening and totally pointless.

    Also frightening, a man came right up to Kevin, shoved a camera in his face and said, "We know who you are." He was associated with the pipeline.

    Please pray for the safety of everyone involved in these protests.

    1. Thinking back to the 1960's, the mainstream media were at least to some degree more open to covering such things--and the effects of the photographic coverage of protests in Birmingham and the march to Selma were dramatic. Nowadays the MSM are conditioned not to offend their corporate masters, but modern technology gets the story out. The downside is that instead of being a more or less universal experience, it generally does not go to those who wish not to see it. But how different is that from the local Klavern meetings? Not much.


    2. Forgot to say, Amnesty was there, at least for a while. Kevin filmed (sik, old habits are hard to break) the sign. I don't know how long they were there or if they saw the armed police pushing, shoving and hassling people as they were trying to reach their cars. But at least they were there.

  6. Good news—there is actually plenty of it, despite how it seems day-to-day. [Click] One think they don't mention is the price of food--in real terms about a third of what it was when I was young. And the cost of driving a mile is maybe a third of what it was in the late 1960's.


  7. Grayish, warmish, quiet. Given this is the first week of deer hunting, the latter is a bit surprising. Mr. Beau got him self wrapped around a tree. Had to go down and help him untangle himself. Was glad enough to come back in when freed. Final clean up here, in a bit. The kiddle and his dad arrive tomorrow. Bringing T'giving wit' them.

    Started Foyle's War again. Lovely how well Michael Kitchen wears.

    Been being bombarded by both eBay and Amazon with shopping advice and enticements. Love 'em both, but I'm not in any real danger of forgetting to do my Christmas shopping. Ya think?

    Warm families and food. Life is good.

  8. Please check my recollection. Way back in olden times (the 1960's and 1970's) I am positive that in addition to the small, single-serving size, rock cornish game hens there were also cornish game hens to be had, which were all white meat and about six pounds dressed--but the latter seem to have disappeared. Anyone else remember them? Nice sized bird for a festive occasion.


    1. Glad you're having a good day, Puddle. ♥

      Yes, Alan, I'm pretty sure I've had that kind of bird. Nice size.

  9. Don't Alan. DO remember the rock Cornish game hens--they were my go to when I was a youngster courting, lol!

    They also worked for me a decade ago when informed we had company for dinner, on the way home. Split 'em down the middle and added another salad. . . . But I've never been a fan of white meat, so I wouldn't have been looking.

  10. GREAT post, Cat! Thanks!!

    We had a very sweet and exhausting Thanksgiving with family and friends. Got to see, hold, play with, laugh with our 3 littlest Grands, and got to talk with the older 3. Also, ate with 3 of our adult children and spoke with the other two. I made Apple, Cherry and Pumpkin pies, too. Delicious.

    We also gathered supplies for Standing Rock. I wish President Obama would step in.

  11. From the Inbox (sent yesterday)

    Thanksgiving is a day when many of us will be spending time with our families and giving thanks for what we have. While it is celebrated in the US as a national holiday, we should also remember its painful history for Native American communities. This painful history continues until today, and we stand in solidarity with the indigenous folks who are resisting the ongoing colonization of their land.

    We are thankful for the many donors who gave so we could support the construction of a community center and mobile kitchen on the Standing Rock Reservation to serve as an all-weather central gathering place for those camped there. A team from CODEPINK will be in Standing Rock tomorrow , cooking and serving a Wopila Feast to thank 500 Native American Protectors for their courage in defending the water, land and their way of life.

    While the Presidential election earlier this month may leave us feeling less than thankful, there are people-powered movements that have inspired us. From the Movement for Black Lives, to #NoDAPL, to the nationwide demonstrations against Trump’s hate, there is a revitalized protest movement growing in our country. The outpouring of energy being directed at the inauguration in January shows that peaceful people will be rising in opposition to hate from day one.

    We hope during this difficult political time you’ll reflect with us on how we can come together, support each other, and build a movement for peace and justice. We believe that the peaceful response to this election needs to begin locally. How are you coming together with others in your community? Let us know, so we can share ideas among the many who are struggling to figure out what to do next. There are local events happening across the country, we can connect you to one near you or help you hold your own with our tool kit; don't hesitate to reach out .

    Most of all, we are thankful for you – members and supporters of CODEPINK – who are out creating the world we want to see each and every day. We hope you’ll take tomorrow to recharge, reflect and regroup for the work ahead. We love and appreciate you and wish you a very happy, healthy day of thanks.

    In solidarity,

    Alice, Alli, Ariel, Chelsea, Ciara, Jodie, Mariana, Martha, Max, Medea, Nancy, Paula, Sam and Samira