Thursday, November 24, 2016


I am thankful for loving family and friends. What are you thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful for my family and dear friends, especially this blog community. ♥

  2. Dakota Access, LLC is a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company, LLC . Here's an Overview [Click] of the project.

    Who's Banking on the Dakota Access Pipeline? - Click

    The list of backing companies is in image format; I cannot read it.

  3. How you can help Standing Rock

    A. HELP WATER PROTECTORS WINTERIZE [Click] Send funds or send wool blankets, visa gift cards, non-cotton thermal underwear, indoor propane heaters, sub-zero sleeping bags, extreme weather overalls and gloves, extreme weather coats, feminine hygiene products, incontinence pads, horse supplies, nuts, dried fruit to Kevin C/O Lindsey Norton, PO Box 1281 Cannonball, ND, 58528.

    B. FOLLOW Kevin Gilbertt FOR COVERAGE [Click] Local coverage via Facebook Live from a water protector on the front lines.

    C. HELP COVER SOPHIA’S MEDICAL COSTS Sophia Wilansky was giving out bottles of water to protectors holding down the space when she was shot with a concussion grenade.

    D. HELP PRODUCE DOCUMENTARY FILM The women of Standing Rock are the backbone of the stand and with your support, their voices will be heard in film ‘End Of The Line’.

    E. VOLUNTEER WITH ON-SITE MEDICS [Click] Need qualified medics, EMTs, nurses, physicians, herbalists, midwives, massage therapists through the winter – and individuals who can help in supportive and logistical roles to process, sort and distribute supply donations!

    F. DONATE MEDICAL SUPPLIES [Click] Donated items can be mailed to Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council, PO Box 1251, Bismarck, ND, 58502 or if shipping via UPS or FedEx, use 220 E Rosser Ave #1251, Bismarck ND 58502 with shipping phone 701-409-0199.


    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On Obama's "No Brainer" DAPL Choice - Click (FB only video)

    Largest bank in Norway pulls its assets in Dakota Access pipeline - Click

    Pipeline Protesters Say Police Nearly Blew Off Woman's Arm - Click

    424-353-2016 Text NBC with your opinion
    701-333-2006 National Guard Public Affairs
    701-328-2200 ND Governor
    701-328-4726 ND Attorney General
    701-667-3330 Local Sheriff Office
    202-456-1111 White House
    202-456-9431 White House Situation Room
    202-353-1555 DOJ comment line (no illegal sale of farms)
    202-514-2000 DOJ switchboard (have police stand down)

    Note: This will be posted on the front page at noon EST.

  4. Thanks for the links, Cat.