Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sea Roses


  1. It's 11:15 CDT on this fall day and no one has noted that the Democratic wing of the Democratic party is first.

    And due to a book discussion followed by dinner, I didn't have my usual nap. So I'm heading to bed early.

    1. Thanks for saving the thread, Bill!

  2. I am packing and cleaning for a dual birthday party midday Sunday for our two youngest offspring. Followed immediately by driving to NH for the calling hours for Jillian. [That's going to be a strange day.] Monday (which is Youngest's birthday) is the Funeral, Graveside Committal and Reception. (That's going to be the harder day.) Then home Monday night.

    Meanwhile, please carry on! ♥

  3. Oh, and tonight promises our first frost of the season. We'll see. I love two miles inside the Advisory area. LOL!