Friday, September 23, 2016

Harbour View


  1. That photo makes me want to go watch "Jaws" again.

  2. Scroll down a bit for Homer Simpson's take on political debates… [Click]
    I will have to watch it myself, but no time tonight. I had to stay overnight because court recessed for the night just before my cross-examination was concluded; had to send car and driver back. It took me seven and a half hours to get back from Santa Barbara today, but I made it safely. I rented a car--they were out of compacts and gave me a new Chrysler 300 for the same price. I was dubious because the rental one I had several years ago was unsatisfactory, but darned if they don't seem to be pretty good now. The visibility is better and most importantly, the seat and steering wheel are easily adaptable to the size of the driver. Largely good controls, too.

    Off to the hospital for my last weekend (there) in the morning. Going to be extra careful driving.


  3. Wonderful Ben Johnson find, listener.


    1. Actually, I wasn't the finder. That distinction lies with my best friend, who happens to have a degree in Brit Lit. :-)