Wednesday, September 21, 2016

She's Free


  1. Baby Granddaughter turns One today! :-)

  2. This morning we learned that Jillian died during the night of her injuries. We are heartbroken. As my dear husband's brother was telling him the news, a female Monarch butterfly landed on the purple flowers in front of him. Purple was Jillian's favourite colour. Your prayers are cherished for all who love Jillian, especially her brothers and mom. Pray also for those who will receive the gift of organ donation today, because of Jillian's great generosity of heart. ♥

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, puddle. ♡

      I am sorry to say I never got to the PO today, therefore. There was so much communication to tend that I never even got a shower or food until after 4:00pm and our PO closes at 4:30pm! But tomorrow I have an appointment in the afternoon, so the deed WILL get done.

  4. And I have a story to tell. Knowing we would have a service to attend before long, I ordered a black dress last night from the Vermont Country Store. Standard shipping would be 6-9 business days, so I kicked it up to Standard Plus to be 3-6 business days. Then we got the news this morning. I got an email from the Store saying if there is any issue with the order to email or call. I did both. And guess what. They very kindly upgraded me to Overnight shipping at no extra cost...! I was and am so moved by that! Little kindnesses at a time like this really do help take the edge off. I am so grateful! And, Cat, I knew you'd appreciate this story because you love the Vermont Country Store.

    1. I just now got caught up with the blog--absent a couple of days. I'm so sorry, listener.

      Re Vermont Country Store: word of mouth advertising is the best. I've looked at their online catalogue a few times because of them being mentioned here.

      And now to bed late--off to Santa Barbara in the AM. Stayed up late reviewing records for my testimony--it's been too busy the past several days to do so.