Sunday, September 25, 2016

Architecture for a Sunday (actually private residences)


  1. A brief hallo from NH.

    Alan has noticed that a new Mac OS X update has an issue with iCloud if you're using more than one computer. He sent me a link to post, but I am not home. If that may impact you, please google it.

    I don't use iCloud and am the lone Mac user at our house.

    Hoping to be home by tomorrow evening. We had an exhausting day: up early to do a family double-birthday party for our two youngest sons, whose birthdays are tomorrow and Wednesday. Then drove to NH, for the calling hours for Jillian. Rough. Had dinner afterward with our two eldest plus Baby*Grandson. Funeral, committal and reception tomorrow.

  2. Here's the link:


    Last day working as a medical laboratory technologist today, after 41 years… I had very positive strokes from my co-workers, in the lab and the ER both. Several folks in the ER, including the physician, were emphatic about the lab service being the best when I am/was on duty. I protested that they have to rattle my cage once in a while, but they said not like when other medical technologists are on duty. Nice. Also the card. A coworker in the lab gave me a nice card and a Sacred Harp songbook--now I have a moral obligation to carry through with it! First meeting should be the second Saturday of October...

    Last Central Valley Ag report: Garlic, almonds, tomatoes, wine/juice grape harvests continuing. Raisins being picked up from drying. Hay baled and stacked, some alfalfa fields nearing another cutting. Cotton not yet defoliated, pistachios not yet being harvested. Fields being prepared for planting, but with what I don't know. A lot of them have raised beds, probably with drip irrigation beneath. Silage corn and sorghum not yet harvested. Sorghum is a new crop hereabouts, but evidently it has as much food value per acre as corn, but needs far less water and fertilizer.

    Nice to see that beautiful church repurposed, but even if deconsecrated I think I would feel uneasy about living in a former church. Even if there is really no such thing, I expect that I would be concerned about the psychic/spiritual aura of the emotions permeating it, which would make them real for me. Probably some people would consider them positive, even comforting.


    1. Alan! Sweet Congratulations!! Sounds like an amazing sendoff for you, and very well deserved!!!!

      I will be interested to hear more about your harp plans. I am friends with Christina Tourin, the world famous harpist who started the Harp Therapy Institute. Tina was trained classical (and has actually MADE harps!), and now plays primarily Celtic harp. She teaches workshops all over the world for those who have a ministry of harp playing to help people heal or to wend them on their last journey. Amazing. Harp is such a calming, wonderful sound and instrument. Remind me what brand and size harp you have chosen.

  3. It's late in the day, Alan, but congratulations on your retirement.