Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blood Moon

Where and when to watch:

Can you believe, I took this photo with my little Sony H20 camera, Saturday evening? I was surprised!


  1. Howard's president of the end of the world.

  2. We expected that the clouds would be too thick to see the moon, but the thinned after sundown. We missed the maximum, but umbra was still covering the majority of the moon when we looked. Neat!

    I was looking through my copy of The Palmer Method of Business Writing (1935) [Click] and when I looked at the classroom illustrations I realized that the students were, for the most part, not using the grip usually taught today (body of pen resting on web between thumb and index finger), but as illustrated in the Spencer book of 1874, which seems to give better control. Upon carefully reading Palmer's instructions, I saw that he recommended Spencer's grip, but said some people wrote perfectly well with the more modern grip. Well, I'm working on it and making progress. A practice of more than six decades will not be changed either easily or instantly.

    I can now confirm that the disposable (but actually refillable) Pilot Varsity writes really well, but puts down a line that's a little wet for my writing--I have to write quickly and lightly with it. I am going to try to get my hands on the finer-nibbed variant, which is *almost* unavailable in the US.

    Harvesting of nuts (pistachios now, maybe?), grapes (raisins, juice, wine) and tomatoes continues hereabouts. The cotton bolls are opening, but the plants are not yet defoliated, so that harvest won't take place for a while yet. Some silage corn is being harvested., and alfalfa had another cutting.

    This weekend at the hospital was easier than usual, although the ER got busy from time to time.



    And yes, that IS a surprisingly good photo from a small camera!

    1. Alan, do you still want me to include what you emailed me, even though you say it here? I have already added it for Tuesday, but could also remove it. Let me know.