Saturday, September 26, 2015

33 years ago today...

             Somebody sure looks a lot like her Daddy!!     Daddy ^      BabyGrand with BigBrother v


  1. What? Are we only an hour and 15 min away from a new thread and no one has mentioned that Dean is First?

    Hope all are well and just enjoying the weekend!

    We got to go over to Son's house for his birthday celebration! On Tuesday we met our new granddaughter, Everly Rose. Today she met us…as she opened her eyes this time. Ohhh myyy, she is absolutely gorgeous! So sweet!! ♡

    1. All babies are gorgeous. That's how they survive. [grin]

      Yes, I'm well enough. Got caught up on a few things before work reared its head again. Not happy to discover that the rule we thought exempted our proposed research from being considered to involve human subjects actually doesn't apply.

    2. Why not happy? Are you finding it out too late to include humans in your research?

    3. Not happy because it means filling out more forms. Doesn't change the research at all.