Monday, September 28, 2015

Are you Ready for 9/28/15?

Predictions are running rampant about what will happen today. 

Some say the world will end when a giant asteroid hits planet Earth.

Some say the world will be enlightened as a massive wave of light radiation bombards us.

Seems to me either way it's a win-win.  But it really would be nice if Enlightenment happened one moment before Obliteration, eh?  ;-)


  1. listener-- re info on pen grip--include the illustration sent yesterday, with an edited comment like

    "From The Palmer Method of Business Writing (1935) [Click] Note that most of the students are using the Spencerian grip."

    Just now noticed your note and don't have your email addy on this computer, I think. Not working with a full deck yesterday.--Alan

  2. Well, it appears we all made it through the Day of the Apocalypse, which means Erasmus of America was a false prophet. :-)

    Glad to be continuing the journey with you. Did anyone reach enlightenment today?

    Just wanting to make sure everyone else wasn't raptured and I'm left behind. ;-)

    1. Still slogging through work. I'm told we need to be finished by Wednesday. But then, I was told we needed to be finished by this past Sunday.

    2. Still here. Left Behind. . . .