Thursday, October 01, 2015

Welcome, October!


  1. So, now it looks like Hurricane Joaquin may head out to sea after all. =Whew!= But, meanwhile, the poor Bahamas!

  2. Well, I have turned on the heat for the first time this season.
    This is the first year we've made it all the way to October, first.
    I'm thinking it's needed due the dampness of the air after the rain.

  3. Plane finally left last night at 8:45 PM; I got about four hours sleep--but QUALITY sleep before waking up and getting a move on--breakfast at 0600, conference with defense attorney at 0730. Testimony from about 0900 to 1145, since then at leisure. Plane back to Fresno supposed to leave at 7:45 PM; well, we will see. Having plenty of time, I drove back down the old coastal highway--much nicer, albeit slower, than going inland. Currently at the airplane gate; had a little nap (with alarm clock standing by just in case). Got a dose of political news. I will be very interested to see the presidential candidates' financial reports; the previous ones were quite interesting not just for the monies raised, but for the monies spent as well as other things. I was struck by how much money HRC had spent to little evident effect; Bernie was getting far better mileage. I am reminded of an alleged quip by a Scot on the Scotch reputation for frugality: "When you have no money, you are perforce frugal." There are indications Joe Biden is now drawing some of HRC's fire--all the better for Bernie.


    1. And who do you think the top fundraiser on the Republican side was?

      Ben Carson. I kid you not.

      This is for sure the year of the outsider.

    2. I'll be glad to hear that you made it home and got the rest of your quality sleep, Alan.

      So interesting to watch the campaigns playing out. I remain impressed with Bernie. And, by the way, I am impressed with Bernie's staff as well. What I have seen and heard of the staffers here in Vermont is that they are professional and kind to one another and nice to volunteers too. I feel more a part of things than I did in the Dean campaign. They even have the volunteers working right in the center of the big office, with all the offices around the edges…whereas at Dean HQ, there seemed to be an inner office and an outer office. Impressive.

    3. Plane made it on schedule; home about 9:45. On the way home I both had a nap and thought of something that might help another public defender client in San Diego. On a completely different note, there was a rather athletic-looking young man on the same plane who was wearing a Bernie A-shirt. Of course I chatted him up before boarding.

      Good to hear about the Bernie office and Bernie headquarters staff; it has been my observation that the physical arrangements of our workplaces have a considerable effect on our interpersonal relations and our teamwork (or lack thereof). I had the impression that someone in the Bernie campaign was very skillful at managing relationships among various contributors, and your observation reinforces that impression.


    4. Nice to hear that Berniacs are coming together everywhere! :-)

  4. I have new appreciation for Julian of Norwich, and her cat. Julian was a spiritual guide in the 14th century and my art business is named Julian's Window in her honour. Our two cats like to "help" while I offer spiritual guidance. Spinnaker is the greeter, who meets the person at the door and welcomes them. Mizzen likes to walk back and forth across my lap purring loudly while we pray. Small wonder Julian's cat made it into the stained glass window at Norwich Cathedral! Ha!