Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

A post by Subway

On the Morning of Sept 11, 2001, my wife's son Daniel, who was an engineer with the Port Authority of New York, joined a meeting of German engineeers at Windows on the World. He left behind a wife of his own and two young children. My heart goes out today to all the mothers in the US, Britain, Iraq and Afghanistan who have lost their soldiers and children to the conflict we have brought upon the world.

One of the things the 21st Century was supposed to bring, was that perhaps we had all grown up enough as a species to have tossed armed conflict into the dustbin of history. Yet those who have stolen the reigns of power still think the monetary profit is worth the price in the blood of mother's children. I pray that one day there will be an end to this tragic war crime and that those who started it are brought to justice before the eyes of the world.

But for today, let us pray for the mothers, whose hearts have been plundered by this senseless waste of their children.



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  1. Lovely post, Subway.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful HEP Community moms!

  2. Thanks, Subway.

    ♥ to Daniel's mother.

    ~ listener

  3. Nice post, subway.

    I saw this today. Should be interesting. But it makes me a little nervous when our politicians do Colbert but you never know. Howard's got courage!

    The Colbert Report: William Langewiesche on 5/14; Walter Isaacson on 5/15; Howard Dean on 5/16; Tom DeLay on 5/17; Michael Pollan on 5/21; Jared Diamond on 5/21; John Amaechi on 5/22; Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) on 5/23; Jimmy Wales on 5/24;

  4. a wonderful post Subway. I too think of all the mother's who have lost son's and daughters in this unjustified war.

    I pray we will move into the 21st century and find that war is an obsolete tool. Difficult when the war profiteers are on control. :(


    man, I can't remember my blogger password. It never asked for it before

  5. thanks for the notice Floridagal, I will be sure to see it. 2 of my favorite people on together.

    I really thought Colbert was great with Ned Lamont, hopefully it wiil come out good for Dean.

    I remember when Ned asked Al Frankin how to be on Cobert, Frankin said to be yourself and don't try to be funny, that is up to Colbert. Hope Howard knows this advice.


  6. Sorry I thought everyone was in the open thread because of posting problems.

    Thanks for the compliments. It's good to see you all

  7. ♥ Daniel ♥

    Wonderful post, Subway.