Friday, September 15, 2006

Open Thread

Of course, we continue to keep Edwin and Subway and anyone else who needs it, in our thoughts and prayers. But I wanted to post something upbeat. On the Sims--one version of the game, anyway, if you put balloons around your house, people just will automatically come by to visit. The balloons must emit some sort of "welcome visitors" call that affects people on a subconscious level. I'm just guessing, but, heck, it's worth a try. ;-)

If I had a plate of cookies, I'd put those out too. How about kittens instead? Not for eating, of course, but for "awww". Here are a couple of "homegrown cute overload" pictures from listener.

Speaking of people who need the vibes/prayers/good wishes, there is a comment from ChrisNYC a couple threads down. Actually, she posted with good news, but I'm sure it can't hurt to keep the vibes comeing for that family as well.

Update... Just popped over to Firedoglake and noticed something that might be of interest...

You asked for it, you got it: On November 5, two days before the election, Keith Olbermann will be joining us on the FDL Book Salon to discuss his book The Worst Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders . You'll remember that after his Edward R. Murrow moment taking the wood to Donald Rumsfeld, we posted a link to his book on Amazon and asked people to buy it as a way of saying thanks. It subsequently moved from #19,000 on the sales ranking list to #4 and is currently sold out (and now requires 1 to 3 weeks for delivery).

Click the graphic above to order Keith's book from It is also available at Barnes
and Noble
and, once back in stock, at

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