Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kudos to Hypatia (mmm...Kudos!)

This is from ELR, about the Blogger's BBQ in Washington D.C. Pictures, please? *Somebody* must have some.

Dean may be 1st, but Hypatia is #2.

What kind of woman would invite 10 people to her home whom she had never met simply because a Dean blogger contacted her? Someone with a heart as big as all outdoors and that is the person I found when I met her. On hearing that we were in Washington for the March, she invited not only Lenore who she barely knew but all the rest of us as well for her BBQ dinner that evening. The delicious food stretched to feed all the "5,000" that showed up and the company was delightful as well. A whole yard full of activist citizens is my idea of heaven.

Would Hypatia accept a small donation to cover the feast? No. But we insisted. As it got dark, we made arrangements to get taxis to take us back to our overnight arrangements and she would hear none of that. Hypatia and another drove us all home.

My Dear, you are a wonderful example of the marvelous types of individuals that have been attracted to this movement and I only hope that one day you will come to Western North Carolina and let us return the favor of your wonderful generosity.


(Could someone repost this at the top of a blog? I was hoping to catch one but don't want to delay any longer.)

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