Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Flooding in Richmond, Vermont on 1 NOV 2019

This is 15 minutes from my house. ~ listener


  1. NYT: Elizabeth Warren Is Asking the Most Important Question on Health Care [Click] “How can we move from a broken system to one that covers everyone, restrains prices and improves outcomes?” A rather short opinion piece, but it helps to clarify some of the issues.

  2. Gee--Not a drop of rain here so far.

  3. Democrats Sweep GOP Out In Virginia [Click]

    istleblower [Click] 2019 re-play of ”Russia, if you’re listening’

    Washington Post: “The Kentucky defeat has sparked concern among the party’s donors and many longtime GOP leaders who are worried that the nonstop twists of the House impeachment inquiry and Trump’s growing fury are making it increasingly difficult for Republicans to make a clear and compelling case to voters.”

    Trump’s Impeachment Defense Crumbles “The public witness the GOP fears: Bill Taylor [Click] is the unanimous No. 1.”

    Various other headlines from [Click]
    Republicans Ready to Throw Sondland Under Bus
    Is It Giuliani’s Time to Go Under the Bus?
    Pence Rerouted Foreign Aid to Favored Christian Groups
    Kentucky Lawmakers Could Decide Governor’s Race [
    [Read: are speculating about overturning the gubernatorial election]
    Senate GOP Considers Including Bidens In Senate Trial

    Seattle race between socialist and Amazon-backed candidate too close to call [Click]

    Sea levels set to keep rising for centuries even if emissions targets met [Click]

    1. "istleblower" should read "Whistleblower," but you knew that.

    2. Got it. 😉

      “Pence Rerouted Foreign Aid to Favored Christian Groups”

      Oh good! Let’s send him packing too!

  4. How many people voted for the hotelier because they believed he was not beholden to corporate donors or professional politicians? Then they discovered he’s a deadbeat, took money from the Russians via the NRA and spends all his time playing golf or talking on the phone. What are people going to think? They were tricked again. Something else GWB was wrong about.

    1. LOL! I love your last sentence, Hannah!
      But I suspect that many of them don’t want to believe they’ve been tricked. No matter. I think he’s history by this time next year. Hopefully sooner.

    2. Yes, they like to brag about "he doesn't take a salary" too - which I doubt. But somebody figured out he's spent so much of *our* money golfing that it equals out to 279 years of Presidential salary.

  5. Island of Fire [Click] A very nice short video about Stromboli and its people.

    Ukraine crisis put on ice by Trump staff busy working out how to buy Greenland [Click] Would it be fair to say that Rufus T. Firefly did a better job of running Freedonia?