Thursday, November 07, 2019

November Red Oak Leaves


  1. Driving by the gas station yesterday morning, $2.34/gal. Later that afternoon, driving by the gas station, $2.69/gal. It always bugs me that they will drop the price a few cents per gallon when they're lowering it, but raise it in 30 or 40 cents per gallon increments when it's going up.

    1. Around here the price typically goes up after a new delivery of gas arrives, when the new price to the seller is higher.

  2. On Thursdays, I take care of three of our grands, ages 6, 4, and 1, for much of the day. The day begins about two hours earlier than any other day in my week, and I am usually groggy as I get ready to drive and a little grumpy. But once I am with them, I absolutely have a blast! Today I had just the 1 year old at first, then the 4 year old and only saw the 6 year old in passing. End of next week, they'll all be at our house for a day. Wow. I'm pretty tired tonight. But smiling!

  3. Today I learned that the Old Red Mill in town had some serious storm damage from last Friday's deluge! I'll post photos for tomorrow's blog. Stunning!!

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