Monday, November 04, 2019

Tea, Anyone?


  1. Unemployment Climbing In the Swing States [Click]

    Wall Street Sounds Alarm As Warren Rises [Click] The fat cats fear she could damage their way of life? EXCELLENT!

    ‘We’re Getting F*cking Killed’: Trump’s Daily Gripes About Media Coverage Escalate [Click]

    Trump Was Always a Joke in New York [Click] “The same will be true for Florida.”

    No One Is Left to Restrain Trump [Click] “Trump has repeatedly asked his team to sacrifice their character. Some have failed and some have passed.”

    Rich robbers: why do wealthy people shoplift? [Click] “Evidence suggests the rich actually do steal more than the poor – and shoplifting is only ‘the first layer of the onion’”

  2. GREAT links here, Alan! You helped me catch up!!

  3. My pleasure to be of service, listener. Glad they are well received. Sort of slim pickings so far today.

  4. The link to today's thread keeps crashing on me, so I am commenting here, on yesterday's thread.

    Trump Trails Democrats by Double Digits [Click] And we are a year from the election, the public hearings have not started, and the employment, trade and budget downturns have just begun. He’s going to leave a social and governmental wreck for the next president(s) to clean up. If he destroys the Republican Party and rallies large numbers of people to vote Democratic and continue to do so, those would be positives. I bear in mind that the decay of the Whig Party was followed by the rise of the Know Nothings (AKA American Party).

    Elizabeth Warren: A climate denier-in-chief sits in the White House today. But not for long [Click]