Sunday, September 10, 2017

Unicorn Cake!

                   Grandad: "Grammie is going to have a birthday. We should get her a cake."
                 Grandson (age 4): "With trains on it!"

                 Grandad: "Would you like trains on your birthday cake?"

                 Grandson: "Yeah!"
                 Grandad: "What do you think Grammie would like on her birthday cake?"
                 Grandson (thoughtfully): "Probably unicorns."

 As soon as I heard it, I thought how I wasn't even going to have a cake 
(I don't mind a little cake with my ice cream  )
but suddenly a cake became a must, with a unicorn on top!
Oh my gosh, I love that bright, sweet little boy!! 💜

So, I actually got that very unicorn
but you'll need to picture it 
on a chocolate cake with raspberry filling
and maybe some rainbow piping or sprinkles on top.  
Plus!  I got unicorn headbands for the grands to wear at the party.  
LOL!  Can't wait!! 😃


  1. Hope you are having the most lovely birthday, listener!! ♥

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  3. It was a very sweet weekend. More when I can, but thank you for the kind birthday wishes! 💝👑🌻🙂👍🏻✨