Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Almost time to put away the boats


  1. Looks like everybody is out putting away boats............


  2. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi emerge from dinner with president claiming a plan to pair the DREAM Act with border security measures, excluding the wall
    [Click] Maybe some more Republicans will be heading for the lifeboats?

    We had thunderstorms Monday evening--not good for the raisin farmers who had them drying. But it lowered temperatures and cleared the air.

    Also on Monday my sweetie had lumbar disc surgery, and it seems to have gone exceedingly well. The basic problem was an old industrial injury, exacerbated by a fall in May of last year, that only got progressively worse with non-surgical treatment. The neurosurgeon was luck of the draw, but is said to be one of the best in the state. I am taking this week off from work to assist with recovery, and our daughter is here as well.


    1. Best wishes for her swift recovery.

    2. Thanks, Bill. The stitches come out eight days from now, and she is under orders to take it easy at least until then. Already great improvement all around.


    3. All the best to your Sweetie, Alan!
      How great to be on the mend at last and to have her loved ones near to hand!

  3. This makes up for my absence all day. (I was on the road for meetings.)

    Stephen Colbert interview on Witness