Saturday, July 08, 2017

Thunderheads Rising


  1. Got caught in heavy traffic with tornado sirens wailing away yesterday. Not much to do but keep driving. Got home and joined son #2 in the basement with the cat until the sirens went off and the "all clear" was declared.

    1. Yikes, Susan! So glad you're all safe♥

    2. Wow, Susan. What. a. relief. that you are okay!!!
      That has to be ... well ... *alarming*!!! I was once in NW PA when there was a wall cloud we could see and the sirens went off. Freaking Wizard of Oz Time! Yikes!
      Here in Vermont, we don't even have tornado sirens. If we did, they'd probably be at the fire stations. And most of us live so rural that we'd never hear them if they went off.

    3. We had massive thunderstorms here today.

      Mah*Sweetie tells me we do at least get notification of imminent danger on our cell phones. I have had two such alerts in the past, but not for tornadoes. Just the run of the mill severe storm with flash flooding.

  2. Just submitted a request to join a fan group for Donny and Marie on FB. I have followed each of them for years on both FB and Twitter; so, eventually I figured why not? There's nothing wrong with acknowledging things you enjoyed as a youngster.