Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fourth of July! 🇺🇸


  1. Trump facilitates Russian-Chinese cooperation[Click] It looks to me like The Mango Menace is going to be engaging a tag team…

    Why Roman concrete still stands strong while modern version decays[Click] Materials researchers seem finally to have figured it out.


  2. Trump is the Death Rattle of White Christian America [Click] "Like Esau, who exchanged his inheritance for a pot of stew, white evangelicals have traded their distinctive values for fleeting political power. Twenty years from now, there is little chance that 2016 will be celebrated as the revival of White Christian America, no matter how many Christian right leaders are installed in positions of power over the next four years. Rather, this election will mostly likely be remembered as the one in which white evangelicals traded away their integrity and influence in a gambit to resurrect their past."

    Detroit’s Underground Economy: Where Capitalism Fails, Alternatives Take Root [Click]

    Title [Click]
    The Founders definitely anticipated this [Click]


  3. Well, I guess I'm back. Did you miss me? I'm mulling how back I am. That is, I can honestly say that I really didn't miss most of social media while taking about a week off from it. I could truly wish we all connected through email and phone. But just as I was questioning my future on Facebook in particular, I got whammed by a hard reality. PhD*Son arrived home a few days early from nearly six weeks of field research in the Arctic, and I didn't know it for two days because I wasn't following Facebook. I'm mulling what that will mean going forward. I first got on FB to see photos of my grandchildren. I wish there was a better way to stay in touch, at least with immediate family. Hmmm...

    That said, it was a good week, with much to show for it. When I've had chance to create an annotated photo album, I'll post the link here.

  4. LOL, Alan! Have you seen the 1972 movie "1776"?

    1. Can't say as I have; I presume it is a dramatization of the book of the same name, of which I have an audio copy.