Friday, July 07, 2017



  1. I've looked at clouds from both sides now...

    Lovely, quiet rainy day here.

    I hear He Who Must Not Be Named is not as popular as he once was in Russia. Could it be buyer's remorse? :P

    Has Russia's love for Trump gone cold?

  2. The linkage between warlord militia abuses and the cooperation of much of the rural population with the Taliban has long been accepted by the US command in Afghanistan. But the war has continued, because it serves powerful interests that have nothing to do with Afghanistan itself: the careers of the US officers who serve there; the bureaucratic stakes of the Joint Special Operations Command and the CIA in their huge programs and facilities in the country; the political cost of admitting that it was a futile effort from the start. Plus, the Pentagon and the CIA are determined to hold on to Afghan airstrips they use to carry out drone war in Pakistan for as long as possible.

    Why Afghanistan? Fighting a War for the War System Itself

  3. Hallo Cat!! Home but in Catch Aup mode from last week's vacation. About to sleep for 6 hrs, then back to work on refinishing a teacart for Root*Center*Son, for his Housewarming Party next weekend. Then off to help him hang his curtains and pictures. The days are just packed. ;-)