Friday, June 16, 2017

Retreat: Monk in a Tree!


  1. I had a pleasant surprise at work today/yesterday = Thursday; I realized that except when I was rushing to make notes while standing at the workbench, my lower-case letters had become quite regular in size! Irregularity in those letters had always been a hallmark of my handwriting, and it seems to have been cured without any conscious effort. Nice! And even standing (rather than sitting) and writing, if I pay a bit of attention, the letters are pretty uniform in size. Oh, and a month or so back I decided to start making my lower-case z's in the standard French manner; a bit more complicated than standard Palmer, but even if not perfectly formed, they cannot be confused with y's.


  2. The drag queen walks into a Catholic church as the priest is coming down the aisle swinging the incense pot. And he says to the priest, "Oh, honey, I love your dress, but did you know your handbag's on fire?"

  3. Off to see the Tall Ships in Boston (well, technically Charlestown). We were invited by our nephew and family who live a 15 min walk from the waterfront!

  4. Susan...I love it! LOL!

    Alan...Well done! Nice when it has become habit and just shows up like that, isn't it?

    I sure hope our elected officials figure out how to get rid of DT soon. He just gets worse and worse.

  5. Who Will Turn Against Trump First?[Click] “Veteran Washington reporters tell me that they have never observed this kind of anxiety, regret, and sense of imminent personal doom among White House staffers—not to this degree, anyway.”

    Even Trump’s Lawyer Has Lawyered Up[Click]

    And the amazing thing to me is that Mr. Mueller seems not to have offered even a single person a deal they can’t refuse—he has just been hiring lawyers with lots of experience making such offers. “Here’s what we can prove; what sounds better—sing like a bird and get three to five years in the pen, or fail to cooperate and get twenty years? Your choice.”

    And on another note, we have Minitel’s lesson for the Internet[Click]