Sunday, June 11, 2017



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    1. Oh yeah, here in Ohio they've lost their damn minds! The Party here is proposing running Jerry Springer for Governor in 2018. Jerry Springer! He once was the mayor of Cincinnati, and later he was host of a TV tabloid talk show (think guests fighting, etc). And they're pushing to the back of the crowd Nina Turner who was an Ohio State Senator and is a Berniecrat and a brilliant woman. Idiots never learn a thing. Until they figure out they DON'T know best and they DON'T know the most they're going to keep making stupid moves like this.

    2. Whatever they are smoking (or imbibing), they ought to knock it off...

      I remain grateful to Senator Turner for trying to protect men's reproductive health.


  2. Just had long convo wit da kiddle about der turnip. We had sum fun! Sad.