Thursday, June 15, 2017

Retreat: The Baptismal Font


  1. This guy goes into his barber, and he's all excited. He says, "I'm going to go to Rome. I'm flying on Alitalia and staying at the Rome Hilton, and I'm going to see the Pope." The barber says, "Ha! Alitalia is a terrible airline, the Rome Hilton is a dump, and when you see the Pope, you'll probably be standing in back of about 10,000 people."

    So the guy goes to Rome and comes back. His barber asks, "How was it?"

    "Great," he says, "Alitalia was a wonderful airline. The hotel was great. And I got to meet the Pope."

    "You met the Pope?" said the barber.

    "I bent down to kiss the Pope's ring."

    "And what did he say?"

    "He said, 'Where did you get that crummy haircut?'"