Saturday, June 03, 2017

Photo from the car as we buzzed by...Hartford CT


  1. Rather incongruous, but also easy to find on the Internet; that's the old Colt arms factory! [Click]
    "The [1865] building is capped with a distinctive onion-shaped, sheet metal dome, painted deep blue with gold stars, and resembling that of the 1855 armory."

    listener--does your camera have some sort of electronics that automatically frame a shot? This photo, as well as the one of the road going up the hill between rows of trees, seems better than a human could do.


    1. Thanks for the look up, Alan. I confess, I didn't even try. I'd love a blue roof with gold stars. Too late for this life, maybe next.

    2. Alan, my camera does not frame the shot; that is literally in my hands. I've been told I have a gift for knowing when to press the button. A lot of it is pure dumb luck, and you have to take enough photos that you get some truly great ones.

    3. You're welcome, puddle. I remember driving through the Yukon, many of the houses had bright blue composition roofs, albeit not onion-shaped domes.