Sunday, June 04, 2017



  1. Have youngest grandson here 'til Saturday. Between trying to get all my hoarder brother's stuff out of the house and Cheetolini's wild starts I'm not at my best these days. I just keep remembering "Survival is the best revenge".

    1. Ah, Susan, that is pure wisdom: "Survival is the best revenge."

      I think I need that on a plaque on the wall.

  2. Indeed, survival IS the best revenge. What we went through at one former workplace of mine I doubt I would wish on anyone, even the creatures that did it to us. But the folks responsible are long gone, and the workers are mostly all still here, although mostly retired by now.

    Trump’s Support Drops in Military Communities [Click]

    The Myth of the Kindly General Lee [Click] Personally, I would be willing to contribute to a statue of Gen. Benjamin Butler to be placed upon the plinth that supported Lee's statue. But I should expect that parties unknown would take a vehement dislike to it.


  3. From Der Spiegel:
    Donald Trump's Triumph of Stupidity [Click] "At that point, it was clear to the rest of those seated around the table that they had lost him. Resigned, Macron admitted defeat. 'Now China leads,' he said."