Sunday, May 28, 2017

Long Island Sound Island


  1. Merging white dwarfs may create most of our galaxy’s antimatter[Click]

    NASA’s mission to a planetary core has been moved up[Click]

    Today we finished harvesting our cherries; we had a nice crop this year, with no problems to speak of with either possums or spotted-wing drosophila.[Click] We had controlled possums eating our cherries with great difficulty and limited success by securing netting over the tree(s), but making sure the possums could get enough food (our leftovers) without the trouble of climbing the trees did the job perfectly with little effort. The drosophila (a relatively new pest here, now established across North America) is a serious pest and wiped out our cherry crops for a couple of years. Unlike similar flies, the female lays its eggs by sawing through the intact skin of ripening rather than spoiled fruit. Spraying spinosad[Click] (an organic insecticide) weekly starting when the cherries begin turning color, so about two or three times, does a good job. Control wasn’t perfect, but probably 95-99%. Close inspection after picking is important. Just in case you should need the knowledge…


  2. All better now, Alan. ;-)

    So, on Meet the Press on Sunday, John Kelly (Homeland Security chief) called the sort of thing that Kushner did "treason."