Sunday, March 05, 2017



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    1. Careful, Donnie-boy; WE CAN SMELL FEAR.

      (Another idea for an Ides of March postcard...)


  2. I believe I posited this [Click] idea right here at HEP two or three weeks back, albeit only for New Hampshire...


  3. Schumer’s Priority Is to Block the Wall[Click] “The evolving plan, being discussed by Schumer’s office and Senate appropriators: If Republicans put money for the wall into a bill, Democrats block it. It doesn’t matter what else is in the bill — Schumer will make it about the wall. The way Democrats see it, if they can block the wall, they’d crush a central feature of Trump’s political identity.”

    Ladbrokes[Click] giving 2:1 odds Trump will be replaced this year, 9:2 next year, 16:1 in 2020.

    11% of American adults are “Trump Regretters,” meaning they voted for Trump but now would change their mind or have moved away from him in intensity.[Click]

    Might Trump be innocent of wrongdoing in connection with Russia? Brainstorming the idea:
    The Innocent Explanation, Part #1[Click]
    The Innocent Explanation, Part #2: The Mailer Standard[Click]