Saturday, March 04, 2017


I may join this march, though probably not in Washington. Anyone else?

If you're on Facebook, there's a secret March for Science group you can join.  The stories they relate are poignant and uplifting.  I am grateful for so many bright and creative people in our nation!


  1. How The Republicans Are Helping Democrats Turn 2018 Into A Wave Election[Click]

    House GOP Begin to Turn on Trump: Republicans Break from Party to Demand President's Tax Returns[Click]

    Trump Feels Under Siege in the White House[Click] Just wait, Donnie…

    Trumpenstein’s bizarre Twitter rant of this morning about Obama bugging his phones does not merit a link; but it might be yet another sign that he is off his medicine. [Which suggests another postcard for the Ides...]


  2. I'll be marching in the Dayton March for Science - Lord willing and the creek don't rise. We got word from them that we are an official satellite march.

    Even worse than Cheetolini's obvious mental illness is the fact that Congress just sits quietly by and lets he spread his crazy all over everything. He's distracting the people so they can cram their "we hate the people of this country" agenda through. There is not ONE THING they have done that benefits the people. Oil companies? Yes. Be Pharma? Yes. Corporations? Yes. People? Nah, you lazy crybabies are on your own. We're gonna take away some of your benefits and toughen you up.

  3. Once again I do my best proofreading after hitting "publish". That should be "and lets HIM spread his crazy".

    1. Oh, no, Susan--those aren't typographical errors, they are type lice--errors that sneak in after something has been proofread and is known to be perfect. They used to plague print publishers, but have changed with the times and are now online!

      It's an old observation that the US has socialism for the wealthy and rugged individualism for everyone else.


  4. Good God—DT is going full nutter; too many stories to link to. A reasonable selection, with links to the original reports, at Political Wire[Click]

    Trumpty Dumpty promised a great wall,
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    And all the King’s horses,
    And all the King’s men,
    Sought refreshment at the tavern.

    1. You've persuaded me. I've just poured myself a nice glass of amontillado, the better to toast Trump's eventual downfall.

  5. Just saw this on Facebook:

    Donald Trump is a stupid man's idea of a smart man,
    A poor man's idea of a rich man
    And a weak man's idea of a strong man.

    And, yeah, I think The Mango Menace is certifiable.