Monday, March 06, 2017

Winter Letting Go





  1. Hallo! You are all First today!!

    We had a FABULOUS visit to Nantucket and Family, and made it home safely at 11:00pm.

  2. Morning news notes:

    The Problem with a Lying President[Click]

    Most Americans Want Special Prosecutor, March 6, 2017
    “About two-thirds of Americans say a special prosecutor should investigate contacts between Russians and Trump campaign associates, according to a new CNN/ORC poll, and 55% say they are at least somewhat concerned by reports that some connected to the Trump campaign had contact with suspected Russian operatives.”

    Germany Ponders Military Build Up[Click] One of, if not the principal purposes of both NATO and the Warsaw Pact was to prevent Germany ever again becoming a significant military power. And in only a few weeks the Mango Menace has forced Germany to seriously consider it as a matter of national survival. Insane.

    Where’s Rex Tillerson?[Click] Would not a Russian agent want to disrupt the US State Department?

    5 Points: Why Trump's Budget Plan Might Be In Bigger Trouble Than You Think[Click]

    Will Trump’s Tax Records Be the Next Pentagon Papers?[Click] That’s what I have been thinking since the election; too many people have access to them, and it is simply too interesting for everyone to resist.


  3. Erat Hora

    ‘Thank you, whatever comes.' And then she turned
    And, as the ray of sun on hanging flowers
    Fades when the wind hath lifted them aside,
    Went swiftly from me. Nay, whatever comes
    One hour was sunlit and the most high gods
    May not make boast of any better thing
    Than to have watched that hour as it passed.

    Ezra Pound

    1. Thanks, puddle.

      Thanks for your vigilance in posting pithy links, Alan! I can hardly keep up lately! Though we did watch SNL.

      Tomorrow is Town Meeting Day in Vermont, and I'll be working at the polls for about 7 hours.

    2. One person on the ballot in three places died in his sleep 5 days ago. He was long retired but his death was unexpected. He was running unopposed for Auditor. The person running against him for both Grand Juror and Town Agent is the worst gossip I've ever met. Should be an interesting day.