Friday, March 03, 2017

Sunset over Lake Champlain


  1. I finished my fifteen postcards to mail on the Ides...repetitive to some degree, and not good penmanship in places, but it's the thought that counts.


    P.S.: The snowpack in the Sierra Nevada is nearing record levels.

  2. Why the French presidential election will have consequences far beyond its borders[Click] “…the clearest example yet of a global trend: that the old divide between left and right is growing less important than a new one between open and closed.”

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    Compare and contrast:

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    1. Trump is so easily played because he is both stupid and vain. Anyone appealing to his vanity can manipulate him easily. He's the worst kind of stupid - the kind that *thinks* he's smart when he's obviously anything but.

    2. You forgot ignorant, Susan. And yes, it takes a certain (very limited) level of competence to realize that one is not doing a good job; he seems to lack even that level of competence. And there remains the definite possibility that he is frankly mad--be the cause organic or infectious.


  3. When I got home this evening (it's still Friday out here), there was one of those standard idiotic DNC fund-raising letters very thinly disguised as a survey. So I sent them back their paper plus a copy of Les Leopold's
    7 Bad Ideas Plaguing the Democratic Party [Click] with an admonitory note in the margin and three Bernie Bucks.