Friday, January 13, 2017

Bernie is calling for rallies for health care on January 15th!

Find the nearest rally to you, here:


  1. Bernie is first.

    Be aware, Hepsters, that there will be new threads at noon and 5:00 PM EST today.

  2. Cat, I moved my post to the next available day, so we won't have three threads the same day. Hope that's okay. I think it could get confusing around here. Feel free to move mine further along, as desired.

  3. It's nearly 3am and I have to get to sleep as we are leaving tomorrow to go see littlest Grand who turns 1 on Saturday!

    But, I could not sleep until I wrote back to Peter Welch. So, hang onto your hat, here's what I just sent:

    Part 1:

    "Dear Peter,
    "Your beautiful letter was warmly welcomed in my email Inbox. I very much appreciate your understanding about the way the election turned out and the "antiquated" electoral college. (Excellent adjective!) Please know that I never doubted your resolve or wisdom in choosing what issues to tend for us. You have my utmost esteem, as ever.
    "There is one thing, however, that I felt you did not address. You spoke of the coming Administration simply in terms of this "reality." But I must ask again WHY this nation is going forward with this Inauguration. I am not just being a sore loser, there are grave concerns and it seems each day we have more of them. Given the evidence of hacking and interference by the Russians in our election, we are we not nullifying this election and holding a proper election? Speaking as an election official (albeit in rural Vermont), I believe we could make this happen in less than a month.
    What's more, I strongly believe that the President-Elect was not properly vetted by the RNC, and should not have been presented as a candidate. Simply to be ordained and take on a leadership role in a mainline faith community, a person is required to have a psychiatric workup in addition to studies and other preparations. Is a psychiatric examination required for Presidential candidates? If not, why not and when will this be rectified?
    "Even setting aside my concerns about the mental health of our President-Elect, there remain too many unresolved issues to go forward with this Inauguration. What of the conflict of interest concerns, the possibility of compromising information being used by Putin, the cavalier manner in which the President-Elect uses Twitter and whacks various beehives, such as China? These are grave issues of national security!! Add to this the most reprehensible cabinet nominees in American history and we have the recipe for true and swift disaster.
    "This Inauguration must be stopped! If there be no mechanism for this, it is only because we haven't needed one before. But we need one now. Let's bring together creative, wise leaders and find a way.

  4. Part 2:

    "I have been trying to muster enthusiasm for joining the causes, making the calls, and speaking out to demand good legislation and planning, for the well being of our great country. But, honestly, Peter, I cannot condone allowing this person to become our President. It is simply WRONG! This is me, speaking out. No one has explained to me why this Inauguration is going forward when it is dangerous for our nation. I hold the DNC, the RNC, the Russian government, and the President-Elect accountable for this mess, and must include Congress if this goes forward. I am losing respect for our election process and losing faith in the democratic process itself. I never thought I would say such a thing, but, as you know all too well, we are in an unconscionable situation.
    "There are just too many dangerous possibilities stemming from the single action of Inaugurating a person who was not properly elected, because the validity of election itself is in question. We could solve so much at once by simply refusing to do so. Rallying is wonderful, but the stresses this Administration will cause are far too much to ask of our people. Vermont's wonderful contingent in Congress would surely work hard, but to what end when the Republicans have full control?
    "Cannot the Judiciary be prevailed upon? Could they demand that the Inauguration not go forward until issues of conflict of interest are resolved and an independent investigation of the relationship with and influence of Putin takes place?
    "Please know I support you very much in the good you are trying to do. I just don't think I can believe in our process anymore if it can lead to such a scenario as this, with no wise recourse to stop such a grave and obvious wrong.

    Very Sincerely and with Prayers for Well Being..."

    1. Wow, Listener! That's a great letter!!! You put everything so clearly!